Villa Design in Cap Ferrat

The villa on a cap ferret can be a dream of any dweller;it is beautifully constructed and customizing house where the coloration scheme has vigilantly been employed in all over the wall surfaces with greyish and black combination. The roof style is marvelous to look as it has been textured with zebra lines and it creates a great contrast with bed linens, the bed sheets which is made of shinning parachute stuff. In the lounge area you can place the white couches with white cow designed shininess and pillow cases, it won’t be looked odd if you use the furnishing items made of metallic steel. It provides the fantastic combination with each color.

The roof height should not be too high as if you painted it white and it must be lower as it exposes its white rays on the floor and furnishing items. There must be a great sophistication in kitchen area, as the theme which followed in whole house is white color and it is great chance for you to place the wall surfaces of the kitchen white metallic but light color sheets, in other words you can say it wallpapers. The dinning must be different with whole dwelling with the installation of wooden floor; there is a specific wood which gives the shine to the furnishing items.


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