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Modern Cozy Home Renewed from Stone Barn by McGarry-Moon Architects

Not thought of a stone barn house renewed by McGarry-Moon Architects who put all their skills and efforts in its design and construction. The Loughloughan barn has taken its inspiration from modern art and decorated with several interesting elements to provide comfortable and environmental friendly living place. The original stone shape and structure is maintained and modern ideas are implemented for making it more dynamic and clean. This house gives a feel and appeal of Stone Age culture which has been modernized with metallic structure to hold the glass walls.
The outer metallic framework and large windows are added from floor to ceiling for extra light and view. The sunlight seeps into the interior of barn with all its light and warmth in the cold weather of Ireland. The architects have given due care to both the modern technology and traditional art in providing maximum comfort and relaxation to the family. Designed and completed in 21st century, this exquisite loughloughan barn h…

Beautiful Family Home Design in Belgium: Modern House K Plans

Having situated in far wooden area of Belgium, the House K is an outclass example of marvelous construction by keeping in view both view and light offering maximum privacy to the family. GRAUX & BAEYENS Architecten chose the best beige bricks for giving an extraordinary exterior finish to the house while black and white aluminum adds to the wonderful contrast. The limited space has been beautifully used into a stylish patio home and given enough sun light and air through glass walls and windows.
House K is given great design and structure by multi terraces on front and back of house allowing the viwer to enjoy both living and wooden areas in surrounding. Family is allowed to spend their maximum time on ground floor which contains the entrance, bedrooms, bathrooms and store room. Equipped with world class luxury accessories and furniture, the architects have given utmost concern to use of white and black furniture to match the entire theme. The gourmet kitchen is accessorized with s…

15 Dining Room Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Dining rooms are the necessary part of the houses now a day. These are sometimes attached by the kitchen, where the kitchen is in the counter open style, and some were attached to the living room. The small dining room idea is designed for a small family, not more than 6 family members. This article will help you to create a small dining room for your home, to eat and enjoy your family life. This dining room has a medium sized round dining table, and six seated can be made available to it for sitting. The top of the table can be wooden and can be glass made.
This dining area must have a window along the wall, as this will make it look beautiful. Windows always have so much to do with the creativity. You can add some greenery on the other side of the window, and curtains can be hanged along the wall. This all will help your small dining room look amazing. The chairs of the dining table should be without handles, as this will occupy less space. And the table can be decorated with flower …

10 Stylish Living and Dining Room for Your Home

A stylish home is the dream of every individual. And what constitutes a stylish home, is the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room and dining room. Living and dining room are the major parts of the house, which covers almost maximum area, and makes the house beautiful. A living room is used for watching television, and to attend guest. And the dining room is used for having food and enjoys the diner parties. So these should be decorated, and styled in such a way that, it adds beauty and creativity to your home.
So this article will help you to create a living and dining room. First of all, choose a room that is connected with every room of the house. Make sure that it is huge and center of the house. Living room decorated with couches, and beautiful sofa. Along with other decorative items, the living room is also decorated with the coffee table, and the side tables. The dining room is decorated with the dining table and chairs. These can be round tables, and differ styles of chairs …