Acropolis House Design by Minas

Here is the renovation along with reconfiguration associated with a postwar a couple of floor separated dwelling, around 100m2, perfectly located at the place in Athens, in a piece of land which is thoroughly blanketed. Next to the cleanup work that has to generally be finished the particular statics of your building, the construction of the significantly spatial was another critical treatment of the analysis. The interior of your separate properties of ‘50s is virtually conventional.

On the floor, you can get the regular features: your sitting area, any living-room, your kitchen, possibly a small-scale cwt.; on the other half floors, the nighttime features: a few of the bedrooms, the toilet, a shop room-laundry and also the backside veranda that have accessibility to the camber via metallic stairways. Just about all your rooms secured over the streets, as always, since daily life in the town seemed to be inbuilt for it. The dwelling appeared to be to be obtained by the fresh homeowners as it got a vital edge (aside from its spot) - the backside of your second floor stood a perspective of the particular Acropolis.


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