Dar 612 Family House Plans with Photos

Style of a roomy home with an interior pool area for your loved ones has remarkable livings. This kind of family dwelling which has a swimming pool, situated on a gentle mountain, is made like a juxtaposition of a couple of factors - a main longitudinal side with whitened end, plus a perpendicular aspect coated in dark solid wood shell. A fabulous T-shaped ground plan allows utmost southeast and west inclination, along with sights from either level. A 2 story-high entrance splits the home into a couple of sections of a solid wood link: the Far East part is a supplementary area which has a garage on the floor as well as children’s place over the very first floor; the particular west part has got the major areas and sectors over the top floor. The swimming pool, independently positioned on top of the lounge, can be viewed from the entire house. The steps along with the bridge, made as a metallic framework with solid wood cladding, come up with the center of the house, which usually links the areas, makes the particular vibrant stream, and aesthetically unifies the medial side.


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