The Moveable Wooden Truck House

This is a great fantasy that you could have a house with pace movements around the world, and you can drive your house all around at your any desired place, so this is it, there you are , you can build up your own wood truck house with all amenities which can easily be adjustable in your tiny truck house. You just have to leave the driving area without doing any modification, but get started from the right behind the window of driving cockpit;you can make your mini wood kitchen with installing a mini sink, burner and wastage smoke pipe which goes up from the roof of truck.

So here you won’t be overlooked you r decorations. There are several ways to embellish your mini house. There you can set up the fireplace and making tiny book shelves or racks on the wall surface. You can place any scenery that would look great and present the natural glimpse while sitting in your mini truck house. So the house might seem not be so cozy and comfortable, but you can use that place just to change your mind and whenever you want to rejoice with your traveling house.


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